Onsite Photo Printing Tops the List for Brides & Events Planners in 2014!

So you are planning your BIG event within the Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island & Surrounding Charleston Areas only to find out that you are competing for your guests' time. Guests, visitors, families have so many options throughout the calender year that you hire a professonal photographer to capture your well planned event which includes a highly targeted market. According to CRBJ & CVB, Charleston & Mt. Pleasant is booming when is comes to attracting visitors(local & sometimes international guests) to public and private events. But your patrons or guests are digital photo consumers taking unlimited event photos for blogging and posting to Facebook / Google+ #Twitter and the like. But the REACTION, your guests have to seeing their onsite photo printed is emerging at the TOP of the List for Brides, Event Planners & Company Functions. "The last 2 weddings I shot had photobooths setup by other companies" - According to Wedding & lead Family Circle Cup Photographer,Chris Smith. "Lowcountry loves to have fun and bringing those fun memories with you in a form of a 4x6 or 5x7 is truly a lasting memory after the event" - According to Event Photographer, Michael Fischbach.

Ask yourself how many photobooths you have jumped into this year? Comment below with your answer.
Onsite Photo Printings @SOL Mt. P. by PrintsAndGiftsPhoto.com