Will Myrtle beach follow suit with a smoking ban?

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Quit Yet?

With Florence prepping to go Smoke Free this November, does that mean that a smoke free Myrtle Beach is just around the corner?

This was one of the topics of discussion at last Tuesday's city workshop. Members of both Healthy Horry and Smoke Free Horry as well as local business owners were on hand to address the issue. 

George DuRant of Smoke Free Horry citing a public opinion survey of 900 people, showed 99 percent in favor of a ban, stating "This is what the citizens want."

However, bar and restaurant owners have their concerns as well. Loss of revenue is at their forethought. With many still feeling the affects of the loss of May rallies, business owners are questioning if a smoking ban is going to hurt their bottom line.

But according to Bill Crowther, spokesperson for Healthy Horry:

"Last year Charleston went smoke free. They've already almost seen a six percent increase in hospitality and accommodation tax revenue." 

Florence City Council adopted a smoking ordinance last May, following years of contentious debate from both sides. The ban will not take effect until November 1, giving the city and their residents time to prepare for the change. 

Forty one S.C. municipalities have enacted smoking bans including two Horry communities, Surfside and Atlantic Beach.

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We want to hear your opinion on the matter. Do you think enacting a smoke free ordinance in Myrtle Beach would hurt, help or have no effect tourism? 

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