Was legislative session a waste of time?

The Post and Courier has an article looking back over this year's legislative session, basically describing it as a collection of small-ticket items for special-interest groups, without any big effects on the average South Carolinian. From the story:

The state Legislature has adjourned for the year, finishing up five months' work on bizarre, obscure, even ridiculous legislation, while leaving unresolved important issues in its wake.

Lawmakers left budget shortfalls for major state agencies to deal with themselves, neglected to complete crime legislation requested by Charleston law enforcement officials and didn't attempt to solve the health care crisis.

Instead, they spent five months figuring out ways to skirt judicial rulings on prayer in public meeting, working out how to post the Ten Commandments in public buildings and reminding women they can view ultrasounds before having an abortion.

The State has a more optimistic view, however, listing many of the big wins for the state after this sessions. Some of those listed include no funding cuts for public schools, tougher drunken driving laws, group health insurance for small businesses, and an expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

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