Gazebo returning to past 74 years later

Image by TheDigitel illustrationImage by 20080924whitepointgazebo.jpg Past, present, and future. This image blends a photo of today, with that of yesteryear.

Decades after it was raised to accomodate bathrooms, the gazebo at White Point Garden will be lowered to help restore its original appearance.

White Point Garden gazeboCity of Charleston
The bandstand/gazebo as it was in 1907.Now, I'm betting you're doing what I did: "What? It had bathrooms?" Indeed, in 1934 it seemed like a great idea, but decades later it was creating "law enforcement problems" and was closed.

We're going to look into just what those problems were.

Head over to The Post and Courier for more on 1905 gazebo.

The whole park will be closed from January to June of next year for renovations. It's a wedding plans bummer, for sure.

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