Thank You

11/11 is a day to appreciate those who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives to defend our country.  Whether they fought in the Civil War hundreds of years ago in your own back yard, or were discharged yesterday, these brave individuals should be appreciated every day, especially today.

Of all the things I am passionate about, supporting our troops and remembering our veterans are two of them.  The day President Obama gave his speech back in September “ending” the war in Iraq, I posted this:        I would like to take some time and thank some very special people.  Strong emotional ties with this war have kept our troops very dear to my heart, especially those I have had the pleasure of knowing personally.  Even though only a small part of my life was spent with them, I am forever grateful.  Their bravery, strength, positive attitudes, senses of humor, and complete humility define them as true patriots.  Patriots who have sacrificed more than we will ever understand.  To every single person that has stepped foot on Iraqi soil as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, thank you.  I will always have the utmost respect and genuine appreciation for your service.

USMC 3/7 Scout Sniper Plt 2005

If you’re interested in ways you can help support our Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans, contact me at or visit

Check out this video from local videographer David Keller.  For those serving in the United States Marines Corps, here is where it all begins.

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