Gas prices rise, so do tourism numbers

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Gas prices might have jumped to an average of $3.65 in South Carolina but we're still enjoying prices approximately 20¢ less than everyone else in the country. Those two dimes might be a big help for Myrtle Beach this tourist season. 

On average, folks in other parts of the country are seeing gas prices at $3.86, with the highest being $4.37 in Illinois. Besides the warmer than usual weather for this time of year, according to WPDE, South Carolina's cheaper gas prices might just help us. They are, "far below competitor beaches like Wilmington where the average is $3.85 and Daytona Beach where the average is $3.92."

So for a cash-strapped family, Myrtle Beach is a good choice. We're known as a cheaper -and in some cases, closer - alternative to Daytona, FL  And now, with our lower price of gas, we're helping tourists' wallets in that way too. So far, despite the price of gas, our area has already had one of the busiest March in recent memory.

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