The best in local coverage, more quickly

With the launch of version two, TheDigitel team designed quicker connections to get you to the best local coverage with fewer clicks.

Now we've furthered that pursuit, getting links to the best local stories in front of your eyes even faster, and helping you preview these posts, reports, and features before you click.


First up, we've enhanced the "incoming posts" section on the lower half of the homepage. The list now favors popular posts that were added in the last several hours. If you've no been on the site in the last day or so just click the "show most popular" tab and we'll favor the most voted posts over the last 36 hours (to stay current when you're away, don't forget to check out the editor's picks, or just get the daily e-mail blast).

Now that you're seeing what's great and what's popular, we thought you might want to peek at those before committing to clicking — not a problem. When you're on the desktop you can preview incoming posts by hovering over the headline (as pictured above).


Also, remember that if you have an account we'll flag the new news since your last visit. 

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