Boast your post: remember to vote

Welcome back to TheDigitel Boast Your Post series. Today's tip: don't forget to vote.

Everyone likes to know when their work has paid off and your fellow TheDigitel users are no exception. When you come across a post, article or question you particularly like or think the editors should take a look at, reward the author and click the thumbs-up button seen above. 

The thumbs-up button can be found by clicking on any individual post, as well as beneath each "Editor Picks" post. You can also find the thumbs-up (pictured below) on the left of the "Incoming posts" section on the bottom half of the home page.

Oh, and one more hint. Liking original content from TheDigitel will earn you a point toward your user total, so stay active and keep checking back on TheDigitel for the best in local coverage and content and for more of the Version 2 Boast Your Post series.

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