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4:11 pm on Wednesday February 23, 2011

Dig into history at Charles Towne Landing archaeology conference

Image by SC Department of Parks, Recreation & TourismArchaeologists from across the state are gathering at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site to share their recent research with Charlestonians. The inaugural Charles Towne Landing...
4:46 pm on Thursday April 16, 2009

Photo reminds of history beneath Charleston

There's a photo over at The Post and Courier of archeologist sifting through the ground for human remains in an abandoned cemetery on Reid Street. The work is being done so the bones can be relocated before new public housing can be built. It's a ...
9:48 am on Sunday October 19, 2008

Discovery says Hunley might not have sunk as we thought

Image by R.G. SkerrettImage by 20081019hunley.jpg A recently removed pump on the Hunley seems to lend evidence that the commonly held picture of the crew's last moments might be wrong. The thinking used to be that the submarine had filled with cold...