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6:03 pm on Saturday February 1, 2014

Ravenel Bridge shut down again Friday; Same suspect from 2 years ago

On Feb. 2, 2012, an incident involving Phillip DeClemente led to a 4-hour closure of the Ravenel Bridge, on Feb. 1, yesterday, a similar incident closed the bridge again.
3:54 am on Saturday August 3, 2013

Man arrested in snatching Charleston library paintings

57-year-old Robert Wayne Russell has been arrested as police allege that he is the man that took several paintings by Alizey Khan from the gallery in the Charleston Public Library.
11:15 am on Sunday July 7, 2013

More details in Charleston-first: Seizure of Bitcoin currency

Remember hearing about the seizure of Bitcoins — an electronic cryptographic currency that aims to replace transactions online and in the real world — from a Charleston man? The Post and Courier has more details on the alleged defendant, 31-year-old...
8:57 am on Thursday June 27, 2013

Charleston nets a probable first in seizure of electronic Bitcoin currency

If you've not heard of Bitcoins yet, what you need to know is that it's a new electronic cryptographic currency that aims to replace transactions online and in the real world — and it looks like Charleston was the location of a first for the...
8:08 am on Tuesday May 14, 2013

Naked couple arrested early Sunday morning on North Myrtle Beach

It may be illegal to be naked on the beach, but it's twice as unwise to go skinny dipping and leave your clothes for easy pilfering: A pair in their young 20s from northern Virginia were charged with public nudity after being discovered naked on...
8:21 am on Tuesday March 26, 2013

Arrest made in Cannon Park assault case

Image by Live 5 News On Sunday afternoon, Charleston police arrested 43-year-old Kevin Tracy and charged him with second-degree criminal sexual conduct after sexually assaulting a woman in downtown Charleston's Cannon Park. According to Live 5 News...
10:32 am on Monday March 18, 2013

Arrest numbers for St. Patrick's Day festival in Savannah

33 cases of disorderly conduct, 17 incidents of public urination, a smattering of violence, and swimming in the river: it's the Savannah installment of St. Patrick's Day arrest reports.
5:09 am on Sunday March 3, 2013

6 arrested, reported stollen vehicle recovered at Lady's Island checkpoint

A Wednesday night checkpoint on Lday's Island resulted in the arrest of six, including several drug charges.
4:36 am on Friday February 22, 2013

Third suspect arrested in video chat break-in

A third of three suspects has been arrested in an armed break-in that occurred while a girl video chatted on Skype.