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5:14 pm on Monday December 29, 2008

More black bears being spotted in South Carolina

Image by Flickr user The Life of Bryan Image by 20081229-black-bear.jpg Big tongues make for good photo opts. Rebounding forests, more housing developments, and more digital cameras are all thought to be partly responsible for a rise in bear...
8:23 am on Wednesday October 22, 2008

Bear cub stolen from zoo thanks to an angry monkey and honey buns

Image by Flickr users Dan.., Savannah Grandfather, and Collin AndersonImage by 20080815bear.jpg Of course not the actual cast of the event. But still a dubious trio. Update October 22: Montgomery has been sentenced in the incident to eight months....
6:58 am on Sunday July 27, 2008

Black Bear reminds South Carolina it's their woods, too

Image by NewWarsImage by 20080727bear.jpg A black bear crosses through a Branchville yard. Some 60 miles from Charleston, a black bear decided to remind a Branchville resident that it's their land too when it decided to take a quick trip through his...