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12:42 am on Thursday December 29, 2011

Best Buy sign stripped off store thanks to high winds

Image by Flickr user timjeby Not the store in question, but you get the idea. Tuesday's morning heavy winds and rains stripped the sign off the Best Buy store in North Charleston on Rivers Avenue. NBC News 2 has a report and video from the scene.
7:15 am on Friday April 15, 2011

Best Buy laptop thief still at large; police seeking information

Image by Flickr user Vincent J. BrownOn Thursday afternoon, a man walked into the 1987 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard Best Buy store with a gun and walked out with a laptop. Luckily, nobody was injured during the incident. The Post and Courier has a brief...
5:04 am on Saturday November 29, 2008

There's no fun quite like the fun of waiting in line

Image by Flickr user alshain49Image by 20081129-line.jpg Most Black Friday shopping lines in South Carolina went pretty much as usual: Long, cold, and boring, but this account of the wait at a Best Buy in Columbia caught my eye: As people waited, a...