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12:51 pm on Thursday March 20, 2014

Myrtle Beach mentioned in sweet, heart warming viral video

11 year old Logan just discovered, on camera, that he would be a big brother. via HuffingtonPost Logan just got news about a special delivery, and his reaction is beautifully touching. The 11-year-old featured in the video above was asked to read...
3:06 pm on Friday December 23, 2011

Marvin Latimer: Reality Star, Local Talk Show host, and Foodie

*Originally published on August 6, 2010 on MBScene* On July 6, 2004, local mortician Marvin Latimer burst on to television screens all across the country as one of the contestants on the hit CBS reality TV show, Big Brother in its, some say thanks...
9:57 am on Sunday May 1, 2011

Eleven million and counting: The Charleston area's likely tracking your license plate

Image by Adrian Pingstone A pair of fixed-view security cameras with lights.There's an interesting report over at The Post and Courier about the growing database of a Charleston-area license plate surveillance camera system. The data is collected...
4:11 am on Wednesday August 19, 2009

City of Charleston gives OK for cameras to monitor public

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitelImage by 20090819-camera.jpg Camera's aren't exactly alien to the Charleston area, this one is at the new Mount Pleasant Memorial Watefront Park.Ten new video cameras will soon go online in the upper peninsula, and ...
3:53 pm on Wednesday July 2, 2008

Sanford vetoes DNA sampling bill

Image by flickr user DimsumDarrenImage by 20080702dna.jpg Vials of blood can be used to collect DNA. It's a touchy concept of crime fighting. In some ways it's the perfect fingerprinting, in other ways its the perfect way to plant evidence. Governor...