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3:52 am on Monday September 24, 2012

Two wheeled economics: Profiling the motivation of a bike thief

Image by Flickr user _ambrown Two locks are, usually, sufficient.Discuss bike thefts around anyone who has owned a bike in Charleston, and you're likely to be discussing it with someone who has had a bike stollen. Yours truly fits into that category...
8:22 am on Friday March 25, 2011

To have loved and lost and found: A bicycle story

Image by Flickr user Lorena CupcakeWe all know that bicycle theft is a dirty, dirty business and a very real threat in downtown Charleston. But what happens when an honest person buys a stolen bike from a pawn shop? The Charleston City Paper has the...
7:00 am on Tuesday January 25, 2011

Police cracking down on bike theft with incredibly effective sting operation

Image by Flickr user purplepickCharleston's finest have set up a sting operation on East Side streets to nab the ever-elusive bike thief. Their efforts have yielded some pretty amazing results - in the past two weeks, four perps have been arrested...
3:12 am on Wednesday July 21, 2010

Charleston looks to up bike registration fee, frequency (update: passes)

Image by Flickr user spello The ones in Charleston are less metal and more sticker. Update July 21: Though the bike locking measure failed, this one did pass the reading. One more vote would be needed before the change takes effect, and the new fee...