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2:01 pm on Tuesday November 8, 2011

Big billboards hammer messages about big cruise ships in Charleston

Image by The newer, pro-cruise billboard. The cruise ship battle continues, this time with a pro-cruise ship sign going up along I-26, one that takes a visual stab at a previous anti-cruise ship sign. Linkage: A report and...
2:23 am on Thursday June 18, 2009

Billboard: It's OK to be straight

Image by Turn2God.orgImage by turn2god_sign_a_x9ah.jpg No surprise there. To be honest I'm not really sure that folks need to be reminded that society's not judging for being straight, but I suppose the group can spend their money however they like...
4:36 am on Wednesday February 18, 2009

A fuss over a Realtor's suggestion to break up with agents

Image by RehavaImage by 20090218-break-up.jpg Perhaps it's not surprising it rubbed folks the wrong way.A good chunk of Charleston's community remembers the stirring Rehava billboard campaign. Well, even more of the Realtor community remembers it....
3:22 am on Sunday January 25, 2009

New billboard aims to console non-believers

Image by 20090124-secular-billboard.jpg With the aim of making area atheists feel more accepted, the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry have sponsored a billboard that says "Don't believe in God? You are not alone." [gmap markers=blue::32....
4:50 pm on Saturday January 24, 2009

Real estate firm's billboard causes a stir

Image by Montage of picture by Twitter user "Shemanski"Image by 20090124-rehava.jpg Progress of the billboard on December 29, January 12, and January 21.If you were perplexed by this "dollar" billboard on I-26, you were not alone. As you likely now...
11:01 pm on Saturday July 5, 2008

Ads say MLK was Republican

Image by National Black Republican AssociationImage by 20080706martinluther.jpg One of the signs touting the message, this one is in Orangeburg at Interstate 26's Exit 145. A black Republicans group is pushing an ad campaign promoting the idea that...