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3:28 am on Wednesday September 3, 2014

Bladen Street building to be demolished

A new three-story 14,000-square-foot building is set to come to the revitalization area.
8:48 am on Saturday June 15, 2013

Bladen Street building cookout also highlights street's economic history

Aiming to restore Bladen Street's longest-surviving commercial building, the Historic Beaufort Foundation is planning a cookout fundraiser on June 27 targeting the old Coastal Contractors building. The street and surrounding area has been the site...
5:16 am on Tuesday September 11, 2012

Bladen Street likely to reopen this week

The continued revitalization of the Bladen Street is cresting another hurdle as the streetscape is expected to wind down this week as the street reopens to public access with refreshed streets, parallel parking, and new sidewalks.  Island Packet...
11:23 pm on Tuesday August 7, 2012

Historic Beaufort Foundation leader leaves as group looks to get more aggressive

Two years back in August 2010, the Historic Beaufort Foundation announced the hiring of Julia Paige Wylie Good as the private nonprofit's executive director. Earlier this week the group's board approved her resignation. No one is saying publicly why...
6:37 am on Saturday May 12, 2012

Political tensions mount over Bladen Street Redevelopment District

TheDigitel The Bladen Street reconstruction area. Beaufort's city leaders pushed for the Bladen Street Redevelopment District as way to transform a long neglected part of downtown into an area with vibrant business and pedestrian interaction that...
12:27 am on Tuesday March 27, 2012

Beaufort County sees opportunity in Beaufort Federal Courthouse closure

TheDigitel The Island Packet writes of talk that if the Beaufort Federal Courthouse is abandoned at the federal level that it could meet some of Beaufort County's space needs, namely for meetings like county council's and the school board.  (Read...
7:14 am on Wednesday January 25, 2012

Talk returns on making one-block section of North Street one way

Resurrecting a topic debated as recently as 2005, Beaufort City Council approved a first reading of the bricking over of a one-block section of North Street as it meets up with Bay Street at the Bluff.  Yes, we're talking about the small triangular...
7:47 am on Sunday May 15, 2011

With groundbreaking of 'MidTown Square,' Beaufort's form-based code efforts get a push

Submitted Builder Allen Patterson of Allen Patterson Residential talks about MidTown Square and the plans to the right. Construction to place 16 single-family homes and six live-work units in Beaufort's MidTown Square is getting underway soon....
3:48 am on Wednesday March 2, 2011

A quick introduction to and from the Beaufort Redevelopment Commission

Editor's note: This letter comes from Jonathan Verity, chairman of Beaufort Redevelopment Commission, a group that interacts with many key projects underway in Beaufort such as the Boundary and Bladen Streets planning and new master plan. They have...
11:06 am on Tuesday January 4, 2011

Parking, paving, and Bladen Street at Beaufort workshop today (update: added parking emphasis)

Update January 4, parking: It seems like the parking issue won't be much cooler at the start of 2011. An e-mail is circulating that encourages those in downtown unhappy with the paid parking situation on Bay Street to come down in a show of numbers...