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2:59 am on Sunday December 27, 2009

Plan for extra security screening at Charleston airport

Image by Flickr user steubenIf you're planning on flying out of Charleston International Airport, you may see added delays and new procedures when going through security checkpoints after the foiled terrorist attempt on Christmas Day to destroy an...
4:35 am on Monday November 16, 2009

Learn about the nuclear bomb that was dropped on S.C.

Image by Archive.orgImage by 20091115-bomb.jpg The news real from the incident. Ever hear about when the Air Force accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on the small town of Mars Bluff near Florence, South Carolina, in 1958? Well, you've got a chance...
4:00 am on Friday October 16, 2009

It's a bad day when folks mistake your clothing bag for a bomb

Image by Flickr user Sappymoosetree Image by 20091016-bomb.jpg We don't have confirmation, but we hear this suspicious-looking guy is the mastermind of the plot. That's pretty much what happened on CARTA bus in West Ashley near the Citadel Mall on...
8:50 pm on Wednesday April 22, 2009

Burrito leads to evacuation of Columbia bank

Image by Flickr user rachel is coconut&lime Image by 20090423-burrito.jpg What's in it? -- Better call the bomb squad.A Columbia bank was evacuated after a "suspicious package" was spotted on the counter. The State reports thatĀ bombĀ ...
11:45 am on Sunday November 16, 2008

Harris Teeter bomb scare proves it's better to give than to receive

Image by Flickr user mysza831Image by 20081116-gift.jpg Gift or bomb? You make the call. An e-mail tipster tells us that a holiday promotion by local art-Mecca Redux ran afoul when a gift box left at the downtown Harris Teeter Saturday afternoon...
9:50 pm on Tuesday September 23, 2008

A really bad idea

Image by 20080924boom.jpg In a stunning display of a really bad idea, it seems a student decided to do a public art piece that involved a giant plastic barrel and the words "I GO BOOM." There was, understandably, much concern. [gmap markers=blue::32...