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8:17 am on Tuesday April 17, 2012

A bit about Charleston-inspired London Cut bourbon-aged cigars

Image by Flickr user straightfromthecaskCigar Row is leading an elegant revolution in the cigar industry. Known for producing the hand-rolled cigars, Cigar Row is now offering an exclusive London Cut bourbon-aged robusto cigar. Bourbon and cigars go...
6:23 am on Monday January 9, 2012

Virgil Kaine: the bourbon and ginger lovers' new best friend

Image by Amanda Click / TheDigitelBourbon has and always will be a staple spirit of the South. There hasn't been much innovation in the bourbon field for quite some time, but local chefs Dave Szlam and Jake Johnson are about to change all that with...
8:07 am on Thursday October 27, 2011

Poogan's Porch presents 'Celebrate the Season: Pig Roast & Bourbon Sip'

Image by Flickr user Vicky TGAWPoogan’s Porch is pleased to invite the public to ‘Celebrate the Season: Pig Roast & Bourbon Sip’ on Sunday, November 13th from 3 to 6 p.m. The event will take place in the courtyard behind Poogan's Porch. All...
6:00 am on Thursday December 30, 2010

Husk scores a barrel full of Van Winkle bourbon

Image by Flickr user BeergeekThe bar at Husk just got a great present for the holiday season - a whole barrel of bourbon from the famed Van Winkle family. This award-winning bourbon has become a hot commodity all across the spirits world, and diners...
2:44 pm on Wednesday February 24, 2010

'Ginger & the Professor' cocktail takes the title in Wine + Food Festival showdown

Image by Flickr user vistavision Six local bartenders turned out for the BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival's second annual Mixologist Competition and, thanks to a creative blend, Charleston Grill's Jason Hall has emerged victorious. The...