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4:09 am on Saturday November 28, 2009

Vague impeachment requirement a key issue in Sanford debate

As expected, the vague impeachment requirement that a governor must have committed "serious crimes or serious misconduct in office" is becoming a key issue in the debate about whether or not Gov. Mark Sanford is impeachable.  Read more stories on...
3:12 am on Monday October 12, 2009

Don't like Sanford? Get a load of Gov. Coleman Blease, known as 'Pardoner of Criminals'

Image by Library of CongressImage by 20091012-blease.jpgWhile reading a column in The Post and Courier I noted a brief mention of how a former S.C. governor twice pardoned his diver to get him out of speeding tickets.  I was immideatley intrigued....