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4:09 am on Saturday November 28, 2009

Vague impeachment requirement a key issue in Sanford debate

As expected, the vague impeachment requirement that a governor must have committed "serious crimes or serious misconduct in office" is becoming a key issue in the debate about whether or not Gov. Mark Sanford is impeachable.  Read more stories on...
8:03 pm on Monday January 19, 2009

S.C.'s constitution was ailing from its birth

Image by USCImage by 20090120-sc-seal.jpg Let me run three words past you: symposium, law, and constitution. Intrigued? -- At first I wasn't either. But The Charleston Regional Business Journal's piece on how South Carolina's constitution "was...
3:33 pm on Saturday November 15, 2008

Locals march to protest California's gay marriage ban

Image by Flickr user A Girl And Her CameraImage by 20081115-gay-rights.jpg As part of a nationwide display, some 300 people gathered around 1 p.m. today at Concord and Calhoun streets to protest voters decision to constitutionally ban gay marriage...
10:52 am on Wednesday September 17, 2008

150 sworn in as America's newest citizens; week of Constitution celebration begins

Image by National Park ServiceImage by 20080917naturalization.jpg The 2006 naturalization ceremony at the Charles Pinckney National Historic Site. Around 10:30 this morning some 150 people were sworn in as American citizens at the grounds of Charles...
5:09 am on Thursday July 3, 2008

Interim ACLU director answers questions

The interim director of Charleston's American Civil Liberties Union office answered some questions about their plans. The group opened its first South Carolina office at 12 Exchage St. downtown, on Wednesday. Graham Boyd talked about the group's...
7:38 am on Friday June 27, 2008

ACLU coming to South Carolina

The American Civil Liberties Union is opening its first South Carolina office in Charleston next week. The office will be located at 12 Exchage St. downtown, and there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Old Exchange next Wednesday at 2 p.m....