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4:58 am on Thursday November 11, 2010

Thank You

11/11 is a day to appreciate those who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives to defend our country.  Whether they fought in the Civil War hundreds of years ago in your own back yard, or were discharged yesterday, these brave individuals should...
6:32 pm on Wednesday September 1, 2010

Punching Malibu in the Face by Adam Thomas

I remember wanting to cry at some point and I really needed food and water." -Adam Thomas My good friend Adam from back home lives in L.A. now and decided to ride his bike to Santa Barbara last weekend.  Here is his story… MONDAY AUGUST 16th...
6:27 am on Wednesday September 1, 2010

Thank You

In regards to President Obama’s speech last night ending the war in Iraq, I would like to take some time and thank some very special people.  Strong emotional ties with this war have kept our troops very dear to my heart, especially those I have had...