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4:47 pm on Sunday August 29, 2010

Charleston transplants mark five years since they fled a devastated New Orleans

Image by Flickr user Adrian DP New Orleans' 9th Ward in early 2006. The nation has been marking five years since Katrina devastated New Orleans, and The Post and Courier has collected the stories of a few locals Charleston gained due to the disaster...
6:18 am on Wednesday June 2, 2010

Gulf oil spill would span entire S.C. coast

Image by In Perspective: Visualizing the BP Oil Disaster More than a month ago I commented on how the Oil Spill in the Gulf would reach from Savannah to Charleston -- well as you know that spill has been growing. Today the spill's size would span...
10:41 am on Friday January 15, 2010

Charleston's small Haitian community sticking together

Image by Flickr user caribbWe haven't been talking much about the awful Haitian disaster as we figure the national media can do a much better job, but I did notice a worthy local piece at Live 5 News. The news station caught up with Charleston's...
4:35 am on Monday November 16, 2009

Learn about the nuclear bomb that was dropped on S.C.

Image by Archive.orgImage by 20091115-bomb.jpg The news real from the incident. Ever hear about when the Air Force accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on the small town of Mars Bluff near Florence, South Carolina, in 1958? Well, you've got a chance...
7:40 am on Friday April 24, 2009

Myrtle Beach fire continues; We do the roundup from all over (updated)

Image by S.C. Emergency Management DepartmentImage by 20090424-fire.jpg The fire has stayed west of S.C. 31. The Sun News has an excellent photo gallery of the damage (and a second), as well as another one of aerials. Update April 26: The fire is...