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8:01 am on Tuesday August 18, 2009

Simple steps help Charleston County save $350,000 in energy costs

Image by Flickr user adambowie Image by 20090818-light.jpgHydrogen energy, wind turbines, and fancy new age materials.  What do those three things have in common? None of them were necessary for Charleston County to shave $350,000 off their...
3:05 pm on Saturday July 11, 2009

Charleston's Carrotmob: The movie

Image by The Cut CompanyImage by 20090710-carrotmob.jpgIf you missed the Carrotmob Charleston event last April, fret not, as there's a video to bring you up to speed on the eco-event. Read more stories on this subject in our Carrotmob topic page....
6:44 am on Thursday May 7, 2009

S.C. works toward greater energy efficiency in new homes

Image by Flickr user Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Image by 20090507-energy.jpgState lawmakers are generally supporting a bill that would require that South Carolina's new homes be more energy efficient. This editorial in The Post and...
5:23 am on Monday March 2, 2009

Light in the metro area: Too bright? Too wasteful?

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel The stars at Hunting Island as seen when looking back towards civilization. There's an article in today's Post and Courier about the five-fold brightness increase of Charleston's night sky and how folks are working to...
5:05 am on Thursday September 18, 2008

Mount Pleasant garbage trucks get GPS

Aiming to make the town's garbage collection a smarter process, Mount Pleasant will stop sending its garbage trucks where there is no trash to be picked up. In the past, garbage crews would go down every alley and street, but sometimes find the...