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5:22 am on Thursday June 12, 2014

S.C. Board of Education says no to 'controversy' over natural selection

The board rejected the Education Oversight Committee's stance that natural selection had to be taught as a debate and not fact.
1:40 am on Friday February 14, 2014

Senator yields concerns over evolution in S.C. teaching standards

S.C. Sen. Mike Fair dropped his opposition after taking a snow day to read up on the background of evolution science and new teaching standards.
10:45 am on Wednesday February 6, 2013

CofC dissects the theory of evolution

Image by Flickr user summonedbyfells Starting Thursday, February 7 and running through next Wednesday, Darwin Week will evelop the College of Charleston.  Started over a decade ago by CofC biology professor Robert Dillon, Darwin Week features a...
8:38 am on Saturday June 7, 2008

Evolution art show

Read Brothers Backyard (blue dot on map) (June 7th 4pm-11pm) Sculptures, Musical performances, installations by the Magnate School of the Arts, finale with Geoff Cormier and Wayang Modern Puppet Theatre with Karen Inella, Mickey Moran, Heather Rose...
7:54 am on Saturday May 24, 2008

Artistic evolution taking place amid, but outside of, Spoleto

Running at the same time as Spoleto, Philip Hyman's "Evolution: An Alternative Art Show" is an attempt to put the spotlight on Charleston's underground art scene amidst one of the biggest arts festivals in the world. It consists of a series of art...