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2:11 am on Wednesday May 8, 2013

Green Party's Platt sees bring future after 1st Congressional District election

Still, no one can claim Eugene Platt and the Green Party played the spoiler role in the First Congressional District race won by former Gov. Mark Sanford Tuesday. 
5:39 am on Sunday September 7, 2008

Platt's ballot bid gets new challenge

Charleston County Democratic Party is asking courts to prevent Green Party candidate Eugene Platt from campaigning this election season. Platt wants to serve as state House representative to James Island's District 115, but lost in the Democratic...
2:35 am on Sunday August 17, 2008

Get presidential: Your Charleston guide to the 2008 election

Image by Flickr user ldcrossImage by 20080816election.jpg Get involved and support your cause. Update November 3: Check out our election page. This is what we aim to be the guide to Charleston-area events and news on the 2008 presidential election....
6:12 am on Friday August 8, 2008

ACLU files suit in favor of Platt

The S.C. chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a state law that won't let a candidate run independently (or with another party) for an elected office if he loses a party's primary nomination for that office. This all came up...
7:17 am on Sunday June 29, 2008

State says no to Platt's election bid

The State Election Commission has refused to allow Eugene Platt on the ballot as a Green Party candidate for the State House's 115th district in November. Here's what Ballot Access News had to say: ... even though both the Green Party, and the...
9:08 pm on Friday June 20, 2008

Law could keep candidate out of James Island race

Original post: Former Democrat Eugene Platt lost his primary bid to become the Dems' nominee for state House District 115 race in November, but that doesn't mean he's giving up. Platt is hoping to become the Green Party nominee for the James Island...