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1:00 pm on Wednesday August 8, 2012

Magnolias grits now available for in-store purchase

Image by ProvidedCan't get enough grits in your life? Neither can we, and now, Magnolias grits are available for purchase at the Historic Charleston Foundation’s Meeting Street and Charleston City Market locations, and will soon be on shelves at...
10:38 am on Monday April 20, 2009

Covered, smothered, soaked, and stuffed: This grits competition is messy

Image by Paul Zoeller/Summerville Journal SceneImage by 20090420-grits.jpg During the competition you literally stuff your clothes full of grits.During my "research" on the World Grits Festival I saw so many photos and videos of folks rolling around...
6:24 am on Monday April 20, 2009

World Grits Festival (update: Teenager wins grits rolling competition)

Image by World Grits FestivalImage by 20090417-grits.jpg Grits rolling: It's one of the more curious aspects of the festival. Update 2: Paul Zoeller was there and has a great photo gallery to share. Update April 20: 18-year-old Chaz Easterling won...
3:37 pm on Saturday April 18, 2009

Lowcountry Grits Festival (updated)

Image by Flickr user Old Shoe Woman Image by 20090418-grits.jpg Update April 21: The Boathouse/Carolinas' was chosen the "Best Grits in Charleston" by attendees. They're located at 10 Exchange Street in downtown Charleston. First reporting: Enjoy...
6:15 am on Sunday July 27, 2008

Lowcountry heirlooms offer a flavor punch for both veggies and meat

Image by United States Department of Agriculture Heirloom corn is just one of many types of non-mainstream veggies. If you find your palate running dry, perhaps it's time you mixed some heirlooms into your diet. Tomatoes, like this beefheart,...