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2:17 am on Sunday April 12, 2015

Scott Street vs Scott's Street

Downtown "Scott's" signage are once again probed for the typographic flaws.
4:44 am on Sunday March 22, 2015

Standing 9-feet tall, new ancestor of alligators discovered in North Carolina

The bizarre beast walked on two hind legs, and its powerful jaws could crunch through small mammals and armored reptiles alike. This was Carnufex carolinensi, also called the “Carolina Butcher.” Hat tip for spotting to Eat Sleep Play Beaufort.
2:10 am on Wednesday November 5, 2014

McRib was born thanks to a Charleston trip

Whatever your feelings on McDonald's McRib are, you should know it was inspired by a plate of real ribs had in Charleston.
11:46 am on Friday October 31, 2014

Recognizing Yemasee’s spot in Marine Corps history

Marines, veterans and their families gathered at the Yemassee train station for the 2nd Annual Yemassee Train Depot Reunion Oct. 16.
12:09 pm on Monday August 25, 2014

Timelapse video shows Grand Strand Growth

The above video shows just how much Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand as a whole has changed in 28 short years. The video was created by us here at TheDigitel, but was inspired by the Time Magagine piece and partnership with Google, the timelapse is...
8:02 am on Saturday April 26, 2014

Beaufort in 1966, a video feature

At 3 minutes and 25 seconds, this archival SCETV clip features arial views of downtown Beaufort's pre-waterfront park waterfront, its surrounding area and a bit on the local economy, Hunting Island, and more. Check it out up top or on YouTube. And a...
11:48 pm on Monday April 7, 2014

Replicas of Columbus ships, Nina and Pinta, in Beaufort

The ships will be docked at the Downtown Beaufort Marina through Sunday.
11:15 am on Wednesday April 2, 2014

S. C. naturalist will speak at CCU on the history of the King's Highway

Dennis Chastain, an award-winning outdoor writer and naturalist, will give a talk on the "History of the King's Highway from Little River to Charleston, S. C." Thursday, April 10, at 5 p.m. in the James J. Johnson Auditorium at Coastal Carolina...
11:03 am on Thursday March 6, 2014

Step into history at Hobcaw Barony

With just a 45-minute drive from Conway down U.S. 701 South, visitors can take a step back into history and view nature in all its splendor. With multiple slave villages from the 1800s, two historic homes, beaches, wetlands, marshlands and old rice...
8:26 am on Tuesday February 25, 2014

Did you know: Waccamaw Pottery/Shops was one of the largest outlet malls in the U.S.?

That's right, Waccamaw Pottery/Shops was once the third-largest outlet mall in the United States. via Wikipedia "The original Waccamaw Pottery building in Myrtle Beach is still standing, part of the nearly empty Waccamaw Factory Shoppes complex,[4] ...