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9:48 am on Sunday October 19, 2008

Discovery says Hunley might not have sunk as we thought

Image by R.G. SkerrettImage by 20081019hunley.jpg A recently removed pump on the Hunley seems to lend evidence that the commonly held picture of the crew's last moments might be wrong. The thinking used to be that the submarine had filled with cold...
4:02 pm on Tuesday September 9, 2008

13 years later, Hunley discovery finally cools down

Image by Naval Historical CenterImage by 20080909hunley.jpg The Hunley may finally get some more peace and quiet now that the legal battle over its discovery has ended. In 1995 the CSA Hunley was uncovered, and in 2001 the discovery would begin a...
7:21 am on Friday May 23, 2008

Hunley closer to conservation after ballast pump removed

Image by Friends of the HunleyImage by hunley.jpg The forward pump being carefully lifted from the Hunley’s conservation tank. The Civil War-era Confederate submarine Hunley had its forward ballast pump removed Thursday, the last major piece that...