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2:08 pm on Monday January 10, 2011

ILWYW Notes: On High-waisted

Oh, the high-waisted pants, shorts, skirts, and other bottoms....We thought it would go away, but this oh so unflattering trend has persisted and stayed with us.Stop, we say.Stop,and save yourself from looking  like a  flat-bottomed, crotch-...
4:45 pm on Wednesday December 15, 2010

ILWYW Notes: On Pins & Buttons

Take two pins and call us in the morning(don't really.)_______________________________________________________________Pin FactsActive Ingredient                                        UseFlair...
11:49 am on Tuesday December 7, 2010

ILWYW Notes : Statement Wear

Nevelin y Renee photo by Fashion Wire Press JLINSNIDER online store Logan Neitzel online store