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11:52 pm on Saturday March 17, 2012

Swap your gas mower for and electric model at the Lawn Mower Exchange (volunteers needed)

Image by Flickr user Scorpions and CentaursEvery year S.C. residents have a chance to trade a polluting gas-powered mower for a new cordless electric mower at a discounted price.  The 2012 4th Annual Tri-County Lawn Mower Exchange is on Saturday,...
7:13 am on Wednesday March 7, 2012

Volunteers needed for annual Tri-County Lawn Mower Exchange

Image by Flickr user Cavalier92Each year, lawn mower exchanges take place in South Carolina. All exchanges are unique to the needs, demographics, and economics of the local area. On March 24, the exchange is coming to the Lowcountry and volunteers...