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6:56 pm on Tuesday November 5, 2013

Lowcountry Highrollers season finale is Saturday

The Lowcountry Highrollers are having one last day of nonstop derby action before hibernating for the winter. The team will be divided into two squads for an exhibition match on November 9th at Hot Wheels Skating Center on James Island.
5:03 am on Friday June 4, 2010

Oberndorfer's 'Novelty' opening, brings out color, roller derby, and a parade (update: video, photos)

Update June 4: Redux has added a slew of photos from the opening night, you can check them out on Flickr here. Oh, and there was a write-up by the City Paper that I had missed; link. Update May 27: The Charleston City Paper was there and has a short...
10:13 am on Wednesday December 23, 2009

Number 9: Roller derby turns out to be a smashing success

Nine months ago no one was really sure that Charleston would support the display of female prowess on roller skates known as roller derby. Yet it has turned out to been a wild success, to the point where I've heard rumblings that a second squad...
4:25 am on Friday May 29, 2009

Great shots from the Highrollers' roller derby bout

Image by Brennan C PhillipsImage by 20090529-roller.jpg A bit of posturing before the bout. Most of Brennan's shots aren't nearly as dramatic as this, but how could we not use this one to plug the set? Local photographer Brennan Phillips was back at...