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2:21 am on Wednesday March 23, 2011

Berkeley landfill's methane project nears completion (update: done, with revenue gravy)

Image by Flickr user London Permaculture Update March 23: After a couple of years of work, the first methane capture-burn power facility is online in the Lowcounty. At the tail end is energy for 1,500 homes and some $750,000 a year for Berkeley...
7:11 am on Monday May 11, 2009

Berkeley's methane project gearing up

Image by Flickr user London Permaculture Image by 20090511-methane.jpgAfter much waiting, emissions from Berkeley County's landfill will soon be tapped and converted into either energy or more usable natural gas. Read more stories on this subject...
7:32 am on Monday July 21, 2008

Utility nears biomass deal

Image by flickr user D'Arcy NormanImage by 20080721garbage.jpg It might not look (or smell) pretty, but landfills produce a lot of methane gas, which can be used to provide energy to thousands of people. After deciding last month to increase its use...
8:06 am on Thursday June 19, 2008

Berkeley may tap trash's methane

Berkeley's landfill is building up with methane, and a proposal may make the county a few dollars by tapping and selling the smelly gas. The idea goes like this: The county pays for the facilities to tap the gas and any money made from the selling...