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4:31 am on Friday February 8, 2013

P&C re-publishes I-526 funding report, backs off Harrell connection

A longer version of the article has reappeared, offering much the same point about the possibly mis-identified "election expense", and the report backs off a connection between the money and S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell.
5:39 am on Thursday September 13, 2012

Gunshot narrowly misses newspaper delivery driver

Image by Flickr user Sandersleii A Post and Courier newspaper delivery driver had a close brush with a bullet while working a delivery route on North Charleston's Hyde Avenue. A bullet entered through the driver's side window and struck the car's...
2:43 am on Thursday September 6, 2012

Citing poor advertising dollars, Beaufort Tribune goes on an extended 'vacation'

Staff illustration, base image by Flickr user tobyleah Publisher George Trask has all but called it quits for the time being at The Beaufort Tribune and MugFaces. On Wednesday, September 5, in an online posting Trask cited poor online ad sales to...
10:19 pm on Sunday June 3, 2012

Notes on Quotes-Edgar Allan Poe on Sweating It Out!

By Gordon Mercer and Marcia Gaines Mercer         “The best things in life make you sweaty.”  Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849    Author and poet, Edgar Allan Poe, was stationed in the U. S. Army at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island under the name of...
7:12 pm on Monday April 23, 2012

Signs of Spring: The Terracotta Jungle

By Gordon Mercer and Marcia Gaines Mercer Sign in window of plant nursery:  “It’s spring, I’m so excited I wet my plants!” “It’s time,” Marcia said, peering out the kitchen window excitedly, “for the wild azalea walk.”     The half circle path...
8:15 am on Monday May 30, 2011

Attorney defends past actions regarding release of information

Flickr user KC Toh Editor-in-Chief of the Island Packet, Fitz McAden, has a well written and fascinating article in the Saturday, May 28, edition of the newspaper that catalogues the continued tug-of-war between local news agencies and Lad Howell,...
5:34 am on Tuesday November 9, 2010

Car of Post and Courier newspaper delivery man gets peppered with bullets

Image by Flickr user peppergrasss In a situation with as-yet unclear motives, a vehicle belonging to a Post and Courier delivery man was hit with five bullets while delivering papers early this morning in the Fillmore Street area of North Charleston...
9:32 am on Sunday December 13, 2009

You've got questions about Charleston. Will you buy answers?

The program has a code name of Cash for Craniums.Would you pay a small fee for timely, quality answers to your Charleston questions? This post builds off of a tweet by Jay Rosen about a vision for a Web site that has a question box that says "What...
3:25 am on Tuesday October 20, 2009

Senator Joel Lourie disturbed by anti-semitic stereotype

Jewish state senator Joel Lourie called on both U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint and S.C. GOP chairwoman Karen Floyd to denounce two S.C. GOP county chairmen who included an anti-semitic stereotype in a recently published newspaper opinion piece.
8:15 am on Tuesday January 6, 2009

New publisher at the Post and Courier

The Post and Courier is changing. Larry Tarleton, the publisher, retires March 31. He will be replaced by Bill Hawkins, a longtime newspaperman with extensive experience. You can sense the Post and Courier is looking for new direction. They have...