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5:16 am on Monday June 17, 2013

Faded Charleston paint and the science of original colors

Always beige, or just faded? It's forensic surgery, but for buildings.
1:56 am on Thursday May 3, 2012

Folly Boat gets a fresh canvas

Image by FollyBoat.comAfter 13 years of paint-overs, the five-inch thick layers of paint and messages finally started crumbling off the Folly Boat — so the city stepped up and stripped off the excess paint to give the iconic boat a new canvass, and...
11:01 am on Wednesday January 25, 2012

Eco Deco partners with GDC Home to provide signature color selection of eco-friendly paints

Image by Flickr user Sunfrog1On the heels of the new year, Eco Deco and GDC Home announced this week their co-collaboration for a 50-color custom palette that will be on display at GDC locations in West Ashley, Mount Pleasant and Kiawah Island. The...
4:23 am on Monday March 28, 2011

In video: Paint, Permission, and Charleston Fashion Week

Image by Jewell & GinnieWith Charleston Fashion Week in the taillights, I thought it would make good parting sense to leave you with the lovely "Permission" video by Jewell & Ginnie. This is the short video that played during night two and...