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4:16 am on Wednesday July 27, 2011

As Beaufort's short-term rental policy nears goal line, realtors raise objections (update: approved) Signs would be a no-no for rentals of fewer than 30 days. Updated July 27: The Island Packet has a report out of Tuesday night's City Council meeting where the group approved short-term rentals...
4:15 am on Wednesday July 13, 2011

Short-term rentals back in front of Beaufort City Council receive early approval

Flickr user thetruthabout It appears the debate over short-term rentals within Beaufort's residential district is about to come to an end. City Council on Monday approved first reading of an ordinance to allow the rentals. One more reading is...
2:20 am on Monday June 27, 2011

A beacon appears in Beaufort's short-term rental debate Signs would be a no-no for rentals of fewer than 30 days. August 24 of last year marked the start of Beaufort City Council's investigation into how short-term rentals could be allowed in non-...
6:00 am on Wednesday March 23, 2011

Short term rental rules not changed, but could be avoided

Flickr user StartAgain Although their lobbying attempts to change the rules regarding short-term rentals in Beaufort failed earlier this year, John and Erica Dickerson might have just found away to get what they want after all. The Dickerson's...
11:08 am on Monday February 28, 2011

Hilton Head named a Top 10 'Rental Hot Spot' by TripAdvisor

Flickr user leeco Hilton Head Island has been named one of the country's Top 10 Vacation Rental Hot Spots by The world's "largest travel website" released its list of hot spots last week in a press release. Hilton Head comes in at No...
3:11 am on Tuesday February 22, 2011

Beaufort planning group supports short term rentals but at loss on how (update: still no luck)

TheDigitel Update February 22: Another long meeting with no recommendation for city council. And it now seems the city is narrowing where short term rentals can be permitted — last month the thinking was basically anywhere, and now more restrictions...
4:51 am on Monday November 29, 2010

Beaufort considers changes to short-term rental rules

Flickr user thetruthabout In his latest, weekly email blast Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling says the City Council is considering changes to the city's short-term rental rules. Short-term rentals in the city are anything less than 30 days, and right...
3:08 pm on Saturday May 1, 2010

Isle of Palms considers curtailing high occupancy at rentals

Image by Flickr user *Kid*Doc*One* Isle of Palms may soon follow in the footsteps of Sullivan's Island and limit overnight vacation rental occupancy to 12 persons. An ordinance to do so passed a reading earlier this week at the city council meeting...
7:50 am on Friday January 1, 2010

In a down rental market, more giveaways being offered in Charleston

Image by Flickr user turkeychik Struggling to find renters more and more property managers are offering freebies to get would-be renters to become, well, just renters.