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9:41 am on Wednesday September 24, 2014

Myrtle Beach raises taxes to pay for Memorial Day weekend security

The Myrtle Beach City Council is raising (property) taxes to help pay for increased security and safety during Memorial Day Weekend 2015...amounts to $8 per year on a $100,000 home.
6:20 am on Saturday June 21, 2014

Myrtle Beach raises property taxes to hire ten new police officers

In a little more than one week, property owners in Myrtle Beach will be shelling out more money so the city can hire 10 new police officers.
6:58 am on Thursday September 27, 2012

Performing arts center in our future? (Update: Tax hike being considered)

Rendering of the proposed arts center. Update September 27th: It isn't clear which direction this project will take. There is talk of a tax increase to pay for the performing arts center. The Sun News reports that the Myrtle Beach City Council met...
9:19 am on Wednesday February 29, 2012

School bus transportation in the hands of Horry County could mean higher taxes

photo by flickr user tncountryfan There's a bill in the South Carolina Legislature that would remove the responsibility of school bus maintenance and operation from the state and put it in the hands of the counties.  Some in Horry County fear this...
6:26 am on Friday January 13, 2012

Tax man cometh for Horry County property owners

Flickr user Images_of_Money Approximately 250,000 real property tax bills were mailed last year and property owners are reminded that tax bills relating to 2011 can be paid without penalty up to Tuesday, January 17, 2012. Payments postmarked after...
5:16 am on Saturday September 24, 2011

Gentrification bill allows annexation (and tax hikes) without asking property owners

Dayland Shannon The bill named the "Community Unification Act" is being lobbied by the Municipal Association of South Carolina. The MASC is touting the bill as a way to remove some red tape when it comes to gentrification projects. They've been...
1:09 pm on Tuesday September 6, 2011

New school year kicks off Horry County plate checks (update: on track for record busts)

Flickr user Fellowship of the Rich Update September 6th: Only 2 weeks into the start of the crack down and the Horry County Auditor's Office is already predicting a record number of violations. About half of the number of improperly registered...
2:06 am on Wednesday June 29, 2011

With revenue shortfall, Beaufort schools seek more tax dollars (update: money gone, money found)

Flickr user eric.beasley Update June 29: It's been a very mixed bag for the Beaufort Count School District. On Monday the Beaufort County Council gave a final no to the district's plan of a 1.8% tax adjustment and the district will have to spend...
4:12 am on Wednesday June 22, 2011

Horry County Council passes budget with tax increase, changes

This post will be updated as more reports and information come online. The big focus of the meeting was on helping Coast RTA but Councilman Foxworth didn't feel like it was right to blame the three tenths of a mil hike solely based on the Coast RTA...
12:07 pm on Wednesday May 25, 2011

Alleged Charleston County property tax overbilling

Image by Flickr user mtsofanAccording to attorney and former county councilman Curtis Bostic, the Charleston County government has been collecting thousands in overpaid taxes after issuing multiple bills for the same properties. Bostic will be...