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6:20 am on Wednesday November 7, 2012

No need to panic about that great white shark 'just off' Daniel Island's shore

Mary Lee when she was tagged in September.Satellite tracking of a tagged great white shark ruffled some Lowcountry feathers after it pinged the shark in water just off Daniel Island. But researchers are saying that data point was almost certainly an...
6:22 am on Wednesday November 2, 2011

Trick, treat, or scare: A needle in the Summerville goodies

Summerville woman allegedly finds a needle and syringe in her child's trick or treat bag. It's the stuff legends are made of.
11:18 am on Thursday December 24, 2009

Number 8: Text message hoax puts Moncks Corner on high alert

Image by Background image by Flickr user William HookBack in March an old but notorious hoax found new life thanks to text messaging. The rumor that "Gang initiates must assault or kill a woman, child or elderly person at a Wal-mart" found fertile...
4:00 am on Friday October 16, 2009

It's a bad day when folks mistake your clothing bag for a bomb

Image by Flickr user Sappymoosetree Image by 20091016-bomb.jpg We don't have confirmation, but we hear this suspicious-looking guy is the mastermind of the plot. That's pretty much what happened on CARTA bus in West Ashley near the Citadel Mall on...
4:08 am on Thursday June 11, 2009

Squealing and running: Hammerheads off Isle of Palms?

Image by Halibut ThymeImage by 20090611-shark.jpg Boo. The reported sightings were for sharks "2 to 4 feet in length," a far cry from the 20 foot beasts that are commonly portrayed.The Post and Courier reports that there's apparently been sighting...
8:14 am on Saturday March 21, 2009

Gang warning hoax sweeps nation; Impacts Moncks Corner, Myrtle Beach

Image by Background image by Flickr user William HookImage by 20090321-text.jpgA text message hoax has been sweeping that nation, warning people to stay away from their local Wal-Mart. Variants of that message include: "Gang initiates must assault...
9:20 am on Thursday March 19, 2009

Package releases white substance, UPS facility evacuated (updated)

Update March 19: The situation has been cleared and the chemical identified. News 2 has the latest. First reporting: [gmap markers=blue::33.02658384764215,-80.1349425315857 |zoom=12 |center=33.034283442629395,-80.14389038085938 |width=220px |height=...
2:23 am on Saturday March 7, 2009

S.C. school wipes down after meningitis scare

Image by Flickr user Image by 3059082014_1c2d423308.jpg Soldiers training in HazMat suits in Texas. In the wake of the death of a fourth-grade student, at Woodruff Elementary School, in Spartanburg, S.C., to an unconfirmed case of...
8:58 am on Wednesday January 28, 2009

Skunk brings Summerville post office to screeching stop

Image by Flickr user MsPixie Image by 20090128-skunk.jpg After a fowl odor started streaming from a box, the Summerville Oakbrook Post Office came to a standstill as numerous police and officials streamed to the building. [gmap markers=blue::32....
11:45 am on Sunday November 16, 2008

Harris Teeter bomb scare proves it's better to give than to receive

Image by Flickr user mysza831Image by 20081116-gift.jpg Gift or bomb? You make the call. An e-mail tipster tells us that a holiday promotion by local art-Mecca Redux ran afoul when a gift box left at the downtown Harris Teeter Saturday afternoon...