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8:17 am on Sunday May 20, 2012

Media round-up: Mixed reports on spring bike rallies

Flickr user Mike After months of commotion and anticipation, another spring rally is behind us. Was all the time we spent preparing (or dreading in some locals' cases) worth it? A couple of different reports and perspectives give us the impression...
7:42 am on Sunday May 20, 2012

First tropical storm of 2012: Alberto; Surfer's delight & rip current danger

The National Weather Service has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for our area as Tropical Storm Alberto makes his way alongside our coast. Alberto is projected to pass by us in the next 24 or so hours. Be careful if you plan on hitting the water...
5:26 am on Monday April 30, 2012

Time Warner Cable nearly ruins Sunday night TV viewing for SC

Flickr user akeg Yesterday, Sunday, April 29, most of South Carolina was affected by a severe cable outage that threatened thousands with the possibility of missingThe Simpsons, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones.  The outage only lasted a few hours but...
7:00 am on Friday February 17, 2012

Parris Island honors the 69-year service of female Marines

Flickr user United States Marine Corps Official Page A celebration on Marine Recruit Depot Parris Island Monday as they marked 69 years of women serving in the United States Marine Corps. Women have served in the Marine Corps for 69 years now--and...