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4:13 am on Friday July 30, 2010

Authorities nab suspect accused of stalking 18-year-old girl

Image by Flickr user benson.A 29-year-old former surgeon in training at the Medical University of South Carolina has been captured in West Ashley by local authorities in connection with stalking an 18-year-old girl. Karl Leonard Ehrens, 29, was...
3:53 pm on Wednesday July 2, 2008

Sanford vetoes DNA sampling bill

Image by flickr user DimsumDarrenImage by 20080702dna.jpg Vials of blood can be used to collect DNA. It's a touchy concept of crime fighting. In some ways it's the perfect fingerprinting, in other ways its the perfect way to plant evidence. Governor...
4:58 am on Monday June 30, 2008

DNA sampling bill on Sanford's desk

A bill that would allow law enforcement officials to collect some suspects' DNA at the time of arrest is now on Gov. Mark Sanford's desk. Several local law enforcement officials are backing the bill. Sanford vetoed the bill last year, citing privacy...