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4:21 am on Thursday January 15, 2009

Rock Hill man on next season of Survivor

Jerry Sims, 49, is one of 16 castaways vying for a $1 million prize on the next season of Survivor. CBSHere's a bit about him from his bio over at CBS: A 1st Sergeant and specialist in Nuclear Operations, Sims just recently returned from a tour of...
1:06 pm on Tuesday January 6, 2009

'Survivor' auditions to be held in Columbia

Want to get away? Drive to Columbia. Want to really get away? Drive to Travelers Rest and win a spot on "Survivor." This year marks the popular program's 18th season. Is it me, or does that seem ridiculously long? Anyway, this season's adventure: "...
6:06 am on Sunday September 21, 2008

Victim of alligator attack doing well one year later

At the annual banquet for a group of Filipino-Americans, Bill Hedden found himself seated as the guest of honor. Still, the 60-year-old man said he wasn't there for the attention, but only to thank the group of nurses from the Filipino Roman...