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10:20 am on Friday June 27, 2014

Sanford, former governor and hiking enthusiast, knocks Myrtle Beach workers

In a recent piece published by The State newspaper Mark Sanford, disgraced former South Carolina governor (and some how, current congressmen), decided to slam Myrlte Beach restaurant workers in an attempt to stay relevant and to show how jobless...
1:03 pm on Monday May 19, 2014

South Carolina unemployment rate best since 2001

South Carolina’s unemployment rate fell to 5.3% in April, down 0.2% from March — that's the lowest level in the Palmetto State since June 2001.  The number of unemployed persons was 114,413, a decline of 4,652 people over the month. The number of...
10:55 am on Friday April 18, 2014

More finding work in South Carolina

South Carolina’s unemployment rate fell to 5.5% in March, down 0.2% from February — officials are saying the new employment levels is an all-time high for the Palmetto State.  The last time the Palmetto State’s rate was at this level was in March ...
12:44 pm on Friday March 28, 2014

S.C.'s unemployment sees largest drop yet

South Carolina’s unemployment rate fell to 5.7% in February, down 0.7% from January. That's the largest one-month decrease ever recorded since the data series began in 1976. The number of South Carolinians working increased — rising for the seventh...
3:27 pm on Tuesday March 18, 2014

S.C. Unemployment at 6.4% in January

South Carolina has seen eight straight months of job number improvement.
1:14 pm on Wednesday January 29, 2014

Unemployment numbers drop for both Carolinas, Horry December unemployment higher

South Carolina unemployment has fallen below the national jobless rate for the first time in more than a decade. The Department of Employment and Workforce said Tuesday that the state's unemployed rate for December was 6.6. percent. That marked the...
11:53 pm on Friday November 22, 2013

S.C. Employment improves again to best in 5 years

Following September's 7.9% good news, South Carolina's unemployment improved in October to reach 7.5%. That's the lowest rate since September 2008. The number of unemployed persons fell by 7,457, and those employed increased 3,465. The labor force...
7:42 am on Saturday November 16, 2013

S.C. Unemployment improves, falling to 7.9% in September

The Palmetto State's unemployment rate has reached a five year low at 7.9%. The news of September's rate was delayed because of the 16-day federal shutdown, which also noted a similar five-year low, reaching 7.2% nationally in September. The report...
6:07 am on Saturday September 21, 2013

S.C. unemployment rate holds steady at 8.1% in August

The Palmetto State's unemployment rate may not hae gotten any worse, but it also didn't improve, edging up to 175,602 unemployed. The Charleston area added 1,000 jobs (.3%), Myrtle Beach fell by 800 (-.7%), and Beaufort County fell by 400 (-.6%)....
5:26 am on Friday July 19, 2013

S.C. Unemployment rises in June

South Carolina's unemployment rate increased slightly in June, as the workforce grew faster than the 14,000 jobs that were added.